Provincial Nominee Program - PNP

PNP is short for Provincial Nominee Program. Every Province and Territory of Canada has its own Provincial Nominee Program. Whereas Quebec is not part of Provincial Nominee Program as it has its own Immigration Programs.

In this program these provinces and territories can nominate individuals for Immigration to Canada. The provinces nominate immigrants who want to live there and have education, skills and experience currently sought after in that province.

The PNP has two types of programs:

1. Express Entry Program

2. Paper Based Application

  1. Express Entry Program:

To be eligible to apply under express entry program you must be eligible for one of the express entry categories of the Federal Express Entry Program. If you are eligible for at least one of the Federal Express Entry Programs and get nominated by any province, you will get 600 additional points under Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).

  1. Paper Based Application:

Under the Paper Based Application all the Provincial nominee categories, which do not qualify for Federal Express Entry Program, are covered. Under this, the applicant will apply to the Province under one of its programs. Once the application is successfully processed a Nomination certificate is issued. The applicant will then have to apply to the Federal Government (IRCC) along with the Provincial Nomination Certificate for Immigration to Canada.

To find out detailed information about the Nomination Program of each Province go to their respective websites for latest information. The links to their websites are given below:


British Columbia


New Brunswick

Newfoundland and Labrador

Northwest Territories

Nova Scotia


Prince Edward Island