Living in Canada

How is it living in Canada or how is life in Canada are the major questions that anyone wanting to move to Canada must ask. They must have a clear picture of the opportunities that are available in Canada to the Immigrants and how well can they settle here.

This is answered below in terms of benefits and opportunities available. Life in Canada is quite comfortable and stress-free. This is because of various opportunities and benefits as explained in this page. 

This page also answers a big question asked around the world:

Why Canada is the best place to Live ?

The factors explained below gives quite a picture about living in Canada:

  1. Liveability
  2. Canadians
  3. Healthcare
  4. Education
  5. Senior Benefits
  6. Infrastructure
  7. Economy
  8. Employment
  9. Outdoors
  10. Weather

Now if Canada is the best place to live, is for every individual to decide on the basis of their own circumstances and preferences. 


First of all, one or more of the Canadian cities are in the list of Top 5 Most Liveable Cities of the World every year. Moreover, Vancouver is in the top 3, if not on the top. This is because it has a high standard of living and great quality of life. The unemployment rates are among the lowest in the world and there is dignity of labour. Every one is looked upon equally irrespective of their line of work and enjoys the same benefits. One can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle even by doing any job. Furthermore, Life in Canada has a work life balance.

Maple Leaf Flag of Canada


Canada is a country of immigrants and there is a lot of diversity among its population. They have their own communities represented through their ethnic restaurants and food, markets/stores, clubs and associations, religious and cultural centres etc. They follow their culture and religion without any interference or limitation, generally.

Canadians are generally polite and helpful (so much that Americans make fun of their politeness). Most of the assistance required from government offices or public institutes like banks is available online or on phone and is not very time consuming. Corruption at those levels is non-existent. Crime rate is among the lowest in the world and in case of emergency the response time is minimum, especially fire and medical.


Apart from education, health care is totally free for individuals, which includes preventive care and check-up, treatments for serious illness, surgery and hospitalisation. The health care is publicly funded. It is run through health insurance plans managed by the provinces under the federal regulations and guidelines. In some provinces higher income individuals/families need to pay a nominal premium for their health care plan, but province pays for low income ones.


Moreover there is no real financial stress as there are many benefits for the low-income individuals or families. Education is totally free up-to high school. In addition the higher education is made affordable to the low-income families through number of scholarships, grants and student loan programs. Canadian higher education ranks among the highest and recognised around the world.

Senior Benefits

Seniors enjoy great number of facilities like old age pension, assisted living, medical care, and discounts in travel on public transport, tickets to various events and places etc.

Canadian Infrastructure


The infrastructure in Canada is most modern and up-to-date. It has a vast network of roads, railways, ferry, airports, and local public transport. The houses are affordable in most areas and extremely comfortable having uninterrupted supply of drinking water, electricity and gas. Even in the coldest of temperatures, one can roam around in summer clothes inside homes, offices, malls and other public indoor spaces.


Canada is one of the wealthiest countries of the world and has a strong economy. It is the second largest country in terms of area. Canada is among the world leaders in oil reserves and other natural resources such as gold, nickel, uranium, diamonds, lead. It is also one of largest suppliers of wheat and other grains.


There are lots of employment opportunities (provided one is ready for blue collared jobs or to get higher education). Most of the employment is in service sector, however opportunities are also available in manufacturing, information technology, agriculture, oil and gas, mining etc. Support is available through various schemes and grants to upgrade education for a better job profile and in case of losing a job one can sustain with the help of employment insurance while looking for another job.

Canadian Outdoors


Canada offers the most beautiful outdoors and diverse geography, which include beautiful coastline of British Columbia, Majestic Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Vast openness of the Prairies, Great Lakes in Ontario and scenic coastline of Atlantic Provinces.


The weather is as diverse as the country itself but its mostly on the cooler side ranging from -25 degree C in winters to 35 degree C in summers, depending on the part of country. However the autumn and spring are very comfortable as most of the cities are in the south the weather remains mild. Canadians mostly head out in the summer weekends for their hobby activities like running, cycling, kayaking, boating, walking trails, hunting, fishing, family picnics etc. In winters they run towards ski slopes or stay indoors. Many retired Canadians make a temporary move to warmer climates in the United States.


Overall Canada is a good country to live in and raise a family. It is very picturesque, has good climate most of the year, good quality air and lots of outdoor activities. Canadians are mostly friendly and life in Canada is stress free of daily hassle. Government offers many benefits like children’s education, healthcare, higher education grants, employment insurance, disability insurance, old age pension etc. Moreover, the abundant natural resources make the economy fundamentally strong for the long run.