Express Entry Round 245 | IRCC issued 7000 ITAs | Lowest Rank Score 481

IRCC issued 7000 Invitations to Apply in the 245th Express Entry Round held on March 29, 2023. The CRS Score of the lowest ranking candidate was 481.

This is the third round with 7000 ITAs in 2 weeks with a very slight decrease in the CRS cutoff from 490 to 481. The slight decrease in the CRS cutoff score is primarily due to the short interval between the rounds.

Lowest and Highest CRS Cutoff this year
  • Where no program was specified: Lowest – 481 and Highest – 507
  • For Provincial Nomination Program: Lowest – 733 and Highest – 791
  • For Federal Skilled Worker Program: Lowest – 489 and Highest – 489

The rounds specific to other programs have not taken place this year yet.

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