Express Entry Draws

Express Entry Draw

Summary of Express Entry Draws:

  • Most Recent Draw was held on June 27, 2023
  • Total Number of ITAs issued is 4300
  • CRS Score of lowest ranked candidate invited was 486
  • Tie Breaker – June 21, 2023 00:57:04 UTC
  • Minimum CRS Points invited for Federal Skilled Worker Program was 413 on May 31, 2017
  • Minimum CRS Points invited for Federal Skilled Trades Program was 199 on May 26, 2017
  • Minimum CRS Points invited for Canadian Experience Class was 75 on February 13, 2021
  • Total Invitations to Apply issued till date since beginning of Program January 2015 are 653,129
  • Total ITAs issued in 2023 : 54248 till 27 June 23
  • Total ITAs issued in 2022 : 46539
  • Total ITAs issued in 2021 : 114224
  • Total ITAs issued in 2020 : 107350
  • Total ITAs issued in 2019 : 85300
  • Total ITAs issued in 2018 : 89800
  • Total ITAs issued in 2017 : 86023
  • Total ITAs issued in 2016 : 33782
  • Total ITAs issued in 2015 : 31063

 What is an Express Entry Draw for Invitation to Apply for Immigration to Canada ?

Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) assigns a score to all the profiles submitted to Express Entry Program. This score is calculated according to the information provided by the applicant in the Express Entry profile.

At the time of Invitation rounds, the profiles are ranked according to their CRS score. A certain number of top ranked candidates are invited to apply under the Express Entry Program.

The minimum comprehensive score invited till now is 75 on Feb 13, 2021 for Canadian Experience Class candidate, the minimum score for Federal Skilled Trades Program was 199 on May 26, 2017.

The Tie-break rule is also applied in these rounds. This means that a tie-break date and time is established. All the candidates having scores above the cut-off score are invited. However, among the candidates having  scores equal to the cut-off scores, only those are invited who submitted their profiles before the tie-break date and time.

In 2022 the IRCC issued only 46539 Invitations which is around 40% of the ITAs issued in 2021. The first 13 rounds of the year were specific to the Provincial Nomination Program and the rest included all the Express Entry Programs.

IRCC issued 114224 Invitations in 2021. All the rounds were specific to either Provincial Nomination Program or Canadian Experience Class.

107350 ITAs were issued in 2020. This number is  22050 more than the Invitations sent last year. IRCC conducted number of draws specific for the Provincial Nomination Program, Canadian Experience Class and one draw for Federal Skilled Trades.

85300 Invitations to Apply were issued in 2019. The minimum CRS score for rounds exclusive to Skilled Trades was 332 and for the other rounds where no specific program was mentioned the lowest score was 438.

In 2018, 89800 invitations to apply are issued and the minimum comprehensive score is 440 in rounds for all Candidates, 284 in rounds for Federal Skilled Trades only and 902 in rounds for Provincial Nomination Program only.

During 2017 a total of 86023 invitations to apply were issued. The minimum score out of these profiles was 413, whereas the minimum cut-off for Federal Skilled Trades was 199.

During 2016 a total of 33782 invitations to apply were issued. The minimum score out of these profiles was 453.

During 2015 a total of 31063 invitations to apply were issued. The minimum score out of these profiles was 450.

Complete Express Entry Draw Results Since 2015