About Us

Why we created this website?

To provide real and useful information to the future as well as new immigrants to Canada for a successful application and easy settlement.

The canadaimmigrationhelpline.com is a free informational website created with an aim to give out complete information regarding Immigration to Canada.

We welcome immigrants, who have passed through the immigration experience and have integrated successfully into the Canadian Life, to share it through our forum. 

Our endeavour is to bring to the users the complete procedural guidelines about immigration to Canada under present law and regulations. 

We also try to share the latest news regarding the immigration processes and any changes to the policy.

Through our forum, we try to answer the questions that most of the immigration applicants or aspiring applicants have regarding the application process, documents required, pre-application and post application formalities etc.

We also try to include, what to expect after the application is approved and visa is granted. This information includes suggestions about pre-departure preparations and post-landing activities. 

Pre-departure preparations include the documents, funds, travel arrangements, living arrangements etc. 

Post-landing activities include social insurance number, health card, driving licence, opening bank account and funds deposit etc.

Our guide also includes information that will be helpful to landed immigrants in integrating in to the Canadian life which includes, finding place to live, school system, healthcare, finding a job, upgrading education, assistance programs for new immigrants etc.

Our aim is to provide the most helpful information in the simplest form for aspiring immigrants. This information will help to take the decision, file application, moving to Canada and settle. 


How do we help?

We created this website with the sole aim to help future immigrants to Canada to understand the Canadian Immigration process in simple terms. 

We have created a step-by-step guide to find out their eligibility and complete application process. We try to update it from time to time.

You will find all about collection of documents like Police clearance certificate, education documents, employment proofs, language assessment, credentials evaluation etc.

We will also put out complete information about settling in Canada after getting the Immigration Visa. Information like the documents and other stuff that you will need to bring with you.

The idea is to create a complete guide to give out practical, authentic and latest step-by-step information of the whole immigration and settlement process. 

It will be like a complete hand holding till your settlement and beyond as knowing some of the things, which are not generally shared otherwise, will really make your settlement in Canada stress free.

Although we will try to keep the information updated, current and correct, we do not take any responsibility for any discrepancies or errors. 

For the above reason we have created links to official sites wherever applicable. We advise the users to always visit official websites and resources for latest updated procedures and requirements. And use this website for explanations for these procedures and requirements.