252nd Express Entry Round | 500 ITAs issued to Health Workers | Lowest Rank Score 476

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On June 28th 2023, Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) issued 500 more Invitations to Apply in the 252nd Express Entry Draw. The CRS Score of the lowest ranking candidate in this draw was 476. This was a category specific draw for Health Workers.

The tie breaking rule for this draw was November 12, 2022 12:47:27 UTC. This means that if more than one candidates had the minimum score, then the last candidate to receive the Invitation to Apply, had applied at this time and others receiving invitations had applied before this. Thus anyone who had the same minimum score but applied after this tie breaking time will not be issued an ITA at this time.

This is the 16th round of Express Entry Draws this year.

Lowest and Highest CRS Cutoff this year:

  • Where no program was specified: Lowest – 481 and Highest – 507
  • For Provincial Nomination Program: Lowest – 691 and Highest – 791
  • For Federal Skilled Worker Program: Lowest – 489 and Highest – 489
  • For Health Workers: Lowest — 476 and highest 476

The rounds specific to other programs have not taken place this year yet.

Invitations Issued this year:
  • Invitations to Apply issued this year — 56548
  • Invitations where no specific program was specified — 52900
  • Invitations for Canadian Experience Class — 0
  • Invitations for Federal Skilled Worker Program — 3300
  • Invitations for Federal Skilled Trades Program — 0
  • Invitations for Provincial Nomination Program — 2848
  • Invitations for Health Workers — 500

Visit official Canadian Immigration website to see Ministerial Instructions for the 252nd express entry draw.

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